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Conflikt 8 announcement! [Jan. 25th, 2014|10:04 pm]

Conflikt 8 will be held the weekend of Jan 30 & 31 and Feb 1, 2015!

Conflikt 8 guests have been announced:
Guest of Honour Cecilia Eng!
Toastmaster Alexander James Adams!
Interfilk guest Toyboat!

More info at
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2014|04:25 pm]

Missed concerts? Conflikt streaming Tim Griffin now, Brooke Abbey at 5pm, Sunnie Larsen at 6pm!!! (Free membership)
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Closing pre-reg & lunch tickets! [Jan. 17th, 2014|11:56 am]

Reminder that pre-registration ends tomorrow night, Jan 18! You can still register at the door, but can save $5 by pre-registering today or tomorrow. AND...since the hotel wants to know the lunch count before the con starts, your best bet to get a lunch ticket is ALSO today or tomorrow. (We'll have a few Friday, but only a few.) Online registration is at!
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Programming grid & door rates are on the website :) [Jan. 11th, 2014|10:12 pm]

A PDF of the programming grid is now on! Along with the at-door day & full weekend rates.

(Note - you can still pre-register for another week.)
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Final progress report! [Jan. 7th, 2014|10:01 pm]

Conflikt's final progress report is at the website!

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Conflikt 7: Less than a month away [Dec. 29th, 2013|12:22 am]

Do you have your hotel reservations? Our block closes Friday Jan 3rd! (Please let us know if you have trouble making reservations at conflikt at conflikt dot org.)

Also we're coming down to the wire on CD & songbook submissions, please get them in by the 31st!

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Conflikt 7 is on the way [Dec. 8th, 2013|11:12 pm]

Got a song for the Conflikt 7 CD or songbook? Email sound@ or songbook@, or use the contact form on the website. Anyone from the filk community can be in the CD or songbook, you do not need to be a member this year to submit songs.

We do want to get them by the end of the month so we can get the songbook printed and CD prep done.

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Reminders! [Nov. 16th, 2013|08:36 pm]

We are now at:

2 weeks left where you can preregister for $50! Price goes up on 11/30!

6.5 weeks left to submit things for the songbook or the CD! Please use the contact form on the website!

Under 10 weeks until January 24th, when Conflikt 7 starts with Amy McNally, Sunnie Larsen, and Tim Griffin!!

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Conflikt 7 update! [Oct. 19th, 2013|06:58 pm]

[mood |How did it get to be Conflikt 7 already!]
[music |"Drift Away" ]

The October Conflikt Progress Report is available! Here's a PDF link. There's also one on the site. :)

In addition:
  • Lunch tickets are now on sale on!!!
  • (Also we have a BIGGER ROOM for the lunch this year. Hint, hint.)
  • CD submissions are open! If you would like one of your performances to be on the CD, get it to the sound team before December 31st!
  • Songbook submissions are also open until December 31st!
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Announcing Conflikt Hotel [Jul. 5th, 2013|10:25 am]

Conflikt will return to:
Hilton - SeaTac International Airport
17620 International Boulevard
Seattle, WA 98188
Local: (206) 244-4800
Registration link: Register with CON7 code

Prices are the same as last year, $104/night for 1 person, $109/night for 2-4 persons.
In addition, guests in our room block will receive a 10% discount in the hotel restaurant.

We also have confirmed that we can setup our own wifi.  If anyone wants to volunteer, let me know ;)

More information is at:
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